JAVED JAWAD aims to be the best in its profession to develop and maintain first class service as one of the best service providers in Afghanistan. JAVED JAWAD ensures client satisfaction that drives customer loyalty, leading to sustained profit, growth and company value. INTRODUCTION Established in 2011, JAVED JAWAD is operating in the fields of Poles Making, Power Distribution, Networks and Power systems. JAVED JAWAD has acquired an extensive expertise in the above-mentioned fields. Having based ourselves on the feature demanded by large companies and organizations, we have created innovative and feasible systems that are now available for our clients. JAVED JAWAD is professional freight forwarding company with representatives in all major cities and entry points in Afghanistan. Our keen knowledge of the Poles Making industry has helped developed solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. Consequently, the company aims to facilitate Power Systems and Equipment supply throughout Afghanistan. Moreover, JAVED JAWAD contributes to establishment of a secured enabling environment for restoration of economic growth, provision of internationa....Read More