Our History

JAVED Afghan Group of Companies is formed as an Agricultural machinery manufacturing, Steel Mill, Trade and contraction and Mining Company firm in Afghanistan. It was established in 1997 and registered under legal license in Jalalabad City Nangarhar Province. It is the first and long term Group which is working for more than 30 years In Afghanistan in different fields.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to take a modern role is development of our company as by having the 30 years’ experience our Company produced 3 Agricultural Machineries in year 1990 and presented to Afghan farmers and people appreciated the work and skill of Javed Afghan. The factory was encouraged and produced 20 Agricultural Machineries in second term, 50 Agricultural Machineries in third and fourth. The production gradually raised up 400 in 2011-2012 now the factory has a plan to increase production keeping market demand in mind and as well as started the Steel mill factory which is now the leading producer of steel in Afghanistan which produce all types of steel 8mm-32mm and counting more as the group contains 2 more companies one is Javed Jawad contraction which has done more serial big and small projects in country and also Jawad afghan Ltd which has exported the high type agro machinery as well tractors from high brand of companies around the world.

Our Vision

All Agricultural Machinery, Steel bars,Talc Mining as well electricity polls and other Goods

Our Team Member